Adaptive & Modular Multi-Terrain Mobility Planner

Autonomous Planning for the Off-Road Environment

AM3P is a full stack off-road autonomy solution that is easily integrated on a variety of vehicles to provide advanced navigation capabilities in cluttered three-dimensional terrain.

Reactive & Maneuver planning

AM3P includes a reactive planner customized to the unique characteristics of your platform, and a library of maneuver planners created for complex landscapes.


Advanced Capabilities

Individual Wheel


Selectively reasons about individual wheel placement factoring in vehicle underbody clearance, roll, and pitch, enabling navigation in extremely uneven terrain without high-center or tip-over risk.

Mobility Learning


Uses self-supervised mobility learning to determine the physical characteristics of a particular vehicle in order to optimize performance and ease installation onto new platforms.

Unsupervised World
Model Adaptation


Employs unsupervised world model adaptation to learn interpretation of world model data (confidence, error rate, probabilistic terrain traversability estimates.)

Autonomous off-road go-to-point

Projects featuring AM3P

Combat Vehicle Robotics (CoVeR)

DARPA SquadMate CoreTech