Neya Systems Announces Software Addition to US Army’s RTK

Neya Systems today announced the contribution of a major new capability to the US ARMY’s ROS-M registry, an RTK compatible off-road planning software suite. The Robotic Technology Kernel (RTK) is a Robot Operating System (ROS)-based modular autonomy software library for science and technology development that provides a set of common robotic capabilities across a variety of platforms and efforts. AM3P, Neya’s Adaptive and Modular Multi-Terrain Mobility Planner, is a full-stack off-road autonomy planning software suite developed to allow DoD vehicles to navigate autonomously through congested, unpredictable environments.

“The decision to assimilate AM3P into RTK and thereby make it available to the entire ROS-M defense robotics community represents a significant initial milestone towards the Army’s goal of integrating third-party developed software offering enhanced and extended functionality into RTK,” said Jon St. John, Sr. Programs Director for the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC).

The successful maturation and testing of AM3P, performed under the Combat Vehicle Robotics (CoVeR) program, led to the decision to begin the RTK integration process. This will ultimately enable new autonomy capabilities in all RTK-equipped vehicles such as the upcoming Robotics Combat Vehicle (RCV) family of systems.

“The integration of AM3P into RTK has been an ongoing effort spanning several years,” said Mike Formica, Division Manager of Neya Systems. “We’re excited to be part of this important step in moving forward and bringing autonomy to the field.”

Neya Systems, a division of Applied Research Associates, is a leader in advanced off-road autonomy. Neya provides innovative solutions to customers in the defense, mining, construction, and security industries. Neya’s full-stack autonomy includes capabilities in low-level control, perception, safeguarded teleoperation, full autonomy, and multi-agent mission planning. To learn more, visit